Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hurray !!!!

Today is back to school!!!

But not for me... for "M" :) Anyone who knows me knows that I was home schooled my entire life... so back to school was never a really big deal. I think that this year is the first time that I've ever been really, really excited about it.

The excitement is not so much from the fact that "M" will be gone for half the day (although I don't mind LOL), but more from the fact that after a very chaotic, messed up summer, we'll finally be getting back into a routine. This summer was fun... but so stressful!

I think that most humans thrive on a routine, but they never really realize it. I know that I can give my job and the family I work for my best when I have a "schedule". Its just the way that I was created.

Oh and one other thing... I've made a solid decision about moving to Florida... I just have to firm everything up with my bosses, but I'm going to go :)

Now to figure out what to pack and what to leave behind for 5 months.... :s

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