Saturday, March 5, 2011

Life is Short... don't waste it!

So its been a couple weeks since I've written. I've fallen into a good routine with work. Making sure that I am eating properly and spending time with friends.Also got put on a new medication, after a couple days my body has adjusted very well. All things that I wanted to focus on this year. I also made some new friends in the past weeks as well.

One of them is named David. On Tuesday he was crushed by a bull (one of the hazards of being a cowboy) and had his collar bone broken. He went in for what everyone thought was going to be routine surgery early Wednesday morning. And then he didn't wake up... everyone got really worried. I found out Thursday afternoon and started praying. 2 hours later I got a text that he had woken up :) late Thursday night I found out that he was being sent by helicopter back to his home town (Dallas) for further medical care and that his speech and motor skills were not 100%. Doctors had thought he'd had a mini stroke. Turns out he had a blood clot from where he got kicked by the bull. He went back into surgery yesterday afternoon and was out by 1 am. I just found out that he is out and doing well. Prayer definitely makes a difference.

All of that to say that I realized that life is short... you can't afford to waste a second of it. I also realized this past week, that I have pretty much been sleep walking though life for the past 3 or so years. I've already made steps to change that and I am excited to "wake up" and start living the most amazing life possible!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

All Moved In :)

For the first time in 3 months I an writing to you from the comfort of my own computer :) Hurray!!

Yesterday was moving day, and despite some initial moving related drama earlier in the week, it went off without a hitch! A big thank you goes out to Coleen Shepherd for volunteering her husband Chris to help me out and to my youngest siblings Matt and Meagan for all their hard work! Couldn't have done it without you guys!

Between Meagan and I we got about 80% of my stuff unpacked. At first it seemed pretty daunting... but once we realized that about half of what I own is either clothes or books, it didn't seem so bad. It'll take a few more hours to finish whats left and get totally organized, but I already feel at home here. Its so quiet and peaceful! Sleep came quite quickly last night in my new bed :) I'm thrilled to not be sleeping on the floor any more.

We're only 9 days into 2011 and its already been a fabulous year. I realize that I may not always feel that way, but I have every intention of staying positive no matter what circumstances come my way.

Joy is found in what you know... and I know what God has some AMAZING things in store for me this year!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My God Rocks!

I just got back from a doctor's appointment. This was supposed to be the one where I got the official diagnoses of Chron's Disease....

Well that DIDN'T HAPPEN!!!! Because I DO NOT HAVE IT!!! Praise the Lord!! I think that my Doctor was as surprised as I was. The tone in his voice and the expression on his face gave away his surprise as he said "You do not have Chron's disease". He actually had to say it 3 times before I fully grasped what he was saying. Of course this was then followed by my actual diagnoses of Ulcerative Colitus.

Now Ulcerative colitus is not by any means an insignificant diagnoses, but compared to the life sentence of drugs and possible surgeries that comes with Chron's, I'm feeling pretty good about it right now. Colitus can also be managed with a much milder drug. So now I get to begin the process of coming off the herculean steroid they have me on :) Now all this does not negate the commitment I made to live healthier, in fact it just makes my resolve that much stronger. A lot of the symptoms with colitus can be managed through a proper diet and healthy lifestyle... so bring on the veggies :)

In other news... God has surprised me once again with His faithfulness... I had pretty much given up the search for an apartment, when He provided the prefect one AND the means with which to pay the deposit :) I move this saturday and God has already begun to provide the things I need to manage a "house" and run a healthy kitchen!

2011 has already surpassed 2010 in amazingness and we're only 4 days into it! I feel so surrounded by the love of God. What an incredible feeling!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bring It On!!

HURRAY!!! 2011 is here!

Hard to believe that its already a brand new year! But its gonna be the best one yet.

Last night didn't go as planned. I was supposed to go with a couple friends to a party to ring in the new year, but after only getting about 3 hours of sleep the night before, that didn't happen. I ended up going to the church, and then home. I think I am getting too old to party the night away... an all-nighter just doesn't hold the same appeal any more. I was in bed at 12:15 and proceeded to sleep a beautifully, gloriously solid sleep until 9:30 am :)

Before I drifted off to dream land, I took the time to think about what this next year has in store and all the possibilities. Lots is going to be changing for me, in fact as of this morning I've already begun to make some of those changes. But I decided to write myself a letter, and seal it until next December 31st. I wrote my "resolutions" and promises to myself. 364 days from now I will read it, and hopefully be able to reflect upon all that has transpired, good and bad. Hopefully mostly good.

I am not going to tell you all the things that I "promised" myself, but I will share a few with you...

In no particular order...

- Make the best food choice possible in each situation (A big part of the changes that I have to make due to having Chron's Disease have to due with my diet and the food that I eat. I am going to be switching to an organic, gluten free diet.)
- Budget... Get on one, stay on it, and stay accountable to my budget buddy.
- Make important relationships a priority
- Create a space that enhances my creativity (gotta find an apartment asap!)
- Daily devotions (something that I haven't always been consistent with)
- Save up for a super sweet vacation.
- Make stress and drama free living a priority (can't sweat the small stuff)

That gives you a small taste of what I am aiming for in the next year. 2011 is going to be challenging, interesting, inspiring, rewarding and require a lot of hard work...


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Who knew??

In the past week lots has happened, and yet nothing has really changed.

Christmas came and went, but for the first time in a very long time I actually took time to enjoy myself. There is something about being told that you have a potentially life threatening illness that makes you slow down and enjoy the moments. I refused to let my self get stressed about not having enough money, or not getting everything done by Christmas morning... instead of an actual hat a few siblings got a box of yarn... so what? Isn't it ultimately the thought that counts? Besides we all found it pretty funny when Sherri asked if she was supposed to finish her own :p

I saw my specialist the Wednesday before Christmas. He didn't have the pathology results back yet, so I am as of yet, unofficially diagnosed. As we talked though we discovered more and more of the health challenges that I've been facing the past few years are related to Chron's Disease. Its amazing what a Doctor that actually listens to you can discover along the way!

I've been placed on a fairly strong steroid to bring the worst of the pain and symptoms under control. It is to be a short term measure to bring my body back into balance. In the past week or so I have slept better than I have in several years! Who knew that 7 or 8 hours of uninterrupted, pain free sleep could feel so heavenly?!?!? Some of the side effects of the drugs aren't fantastic... but compared to the way I was living... whats a little heart burn?

I am very much looking forward to 2011. Its going to be an amazing year! I know that there will be many challenges and some major life changes ahead... but I can hardly wait! My first goal for 2011... get a real bed! No more of this sleeping on a mattress on the floor stuff for me :) Goal number 2 ( which I am already actively pursuing) is finding a place of my own. I love the friends that I am living with, and their kids... but I need something that is mine. Especially with all the changes coming my way, I'm going to need my own kitchen:)

So I am off to look at apartments today. Praying that God leads me to the perfect place in the perfect location!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Here's the latest...

Time for an update... this way I only have to type it once and then I can just send people here when they want to know whats going on...

Yesterday (December 17) I spent the day at the hospital for some tests and a colonoscopy. The preparation for the colonoscopy was not at all fun, but it was a picnic compared to how my body reacted to the actual procedure. I ended up staying twice the usual recovery time.

The Doctor came and talked to my Mom while I was recovering and told us that I either have ulsorative colitus or (and more likely) Chron's disease. I have an appointment on Wednesday to get the biopsy results back and to talk about treatment options.

I'm stuck in bed for the next day or two and I am very grateful that my mom loves me enough to give up her bed for a couple nights so that I can be where there is family to take care of me. Not to mention that the mattress on the floor of my room doesn't really cut it for re cooperating.

So as of right now the doctor's diagnoses is not looking great, and the facts are not in my favor, However I know the TRUTH. The TRUTH is I know the Ultimate Physician and HIS diagnosis is just a little bit different :)

Continue to agree with me for peace, wisdom for the doctors, direction as I start a new chapter of my life, but most of all for Healing!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In case you were wondering...

A couple people have noticed some of my "not so happy" facebook statuses and have asked me what's up... so I though I'd update my sadly neglected blog and let everybody ( all 4 of you that actually read this thing that is) in on whats going on with me.

I moved back to Kitchener in the middle of October. Pretty much since then I've been sick. Been to the doctors, had tons of blood taken and lots of tests run, and still no concrete answers. My iron is very, very low,I am tired all the time and I've lost a bunch of weight (not that I am complaining about that part at all!). I can't eat much and when I do it hurts. I've been sent to a specialist and I've got a biopsy and some other tests scheduled for next friday (the 17th).

Top that off with getting let go from the telemarketing job ( I was not created to sell people cable and intnernet!!), and I've been having a rough couple months.

BUT God has been more than faithful!! He's been providing in ways I never though possible. I have to drive my sister to work now, but I just wanted to ask that you pray for me. Pray for healing, wisdom for the doctors, and continued provision.

Thanks and I'll try to keep everyone updated.