Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In case you were wondering...

A couple people have noticed some of my "not so happy" facebook statuses and have asked me what's up... so I though I'd update my sadly neglected blog and let everybody ( all 4 of you that actually read this thing that is) in on whats going on with me.

I moved back to Kitchener in the middle of October. Pretty much since then I've been sick. Been to the doctors, had tons of blood taken and lots of tests run, and still no concrete answers. My iron is very, very low,I am tired all the time and I've lost a bunch of weight (not that I am complaining about that part at all!). I can't eat much and when I do it hurts. I've been sent to a specialist and I've got a biopsy and some other tests scheduled for next friday (the 17th).

Top that off with getting let go from the telemarketing job ( I was not created to sell people cable and intnernet!!), and I've been having a rough couple months.

BUT God has been more than faithful!! He's been providing in ways I never though possible. I have to drive my sister to work now, but I just wanted to ask that you pray for me. Pray for healing, wisdom for the doctors, and continued provision.

Thanks and I'll try to keep everyone updated.


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