Saturday, March 5, 2011

Life is Short... don't waste it!

So its been a couple weeks since I've written. I've fallen into a good routine with work. Making sure that I am eating properly and spending time with friends.Also got put on a new medication, after a couple days my body has adjusted very well. All things that I wanted to focus on this year. I also made some new friends in the past weeks as well.

One of them is named David. On Tuesday he was crushed by a bull (one of the hazards of being a cowboy) and had his collar bone broken. He went in for what everyone thought was going to be routine surgery early Wednesday morning. And then he didn't wake up... everyone got really worried. I found out Thursday afternoon and started praying. 2 hours later I got a text that he had woken up :) late Thursday night I found out that he was being sent by helicopter back to his home town (Dallas) for further medical care and that his speech and motor skills were not 100%. Doctors had thought he'd had a mini stroke. Turns out he had a blood clot from where he got kicked by the bull. He went back into surgery yesterday afternoon and was out by 1 am. I just found out that he is out and doing well. Prayer definitely makes a difference.

All of that to say that I realized that life is short... you can't afford to waste a second of it. I also realized this past week, that I have pretty much been sleep walking though life for the past 3 or so years. I've already made steps to change that and I am excited to "wake up" and start living the most amazing life possible!

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