Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cards, Coffee, and Chaos

I'm moving on saturday and I have not packed a thing! My room is in utter chaos and I've been struck with the creative urge to make cards! I've made 15 cards in the past 12 hours, which may not seem like much, but I slept for 8 of those hours. And I am "technically" supposed to be working at the moment. I'll take pics and post on my card site (http://allforyouservices.webs.com)

I can justify my procrastination of packing due to the fact that I have a craft show/sale coming up in in May (the 16th). So it is something that needs to get done... just not right at the moment. I really should be packing and not blogging... Oh well.

I'll take the inspiration when it comes.

Last night I went out to my very last "Crafty Girls Night" not that I've made it to all that many, but now that its not an option I'm uber sad :( I've had some AMAZING conversations with some SUPER AWESOME women the few times that I've made it. I love doing life with these women and I've laid a strong foundation with some of them for a friendship that will hopefully last a long, long time(even with me living in orangeville). Its so refreshing to be open and real with real women. Thanks Ladies!! I'm gonna miss our late night talks... and you better invite me over when I'm home ;)

OK... procrastination time is over... time to get to packing!

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  1. jenn you are so awesome - I feel the same way. I hope this will be a lasting relationship despite our distance. I'm so thankful you came, and that we could reconnect on an even more real level!
    Cant wait to have you over for tea, or coffe, but you'll have to show me how to make coffee i've never done it. That's michael's thing LOL