Tuesday, May 11, 2010

gotta say it... Thanks mom!!

Ever had one of those moments when you open your mouth and your mother "falls out"? Not that its necessarily a bad thing... and in this instance its not. In fact I'm so glad that it happened.

For anyone that has been following my blog I recently started a new job working as a nanny for a family with a 14 year old. Now I remember being 14, kinda, and I know that its not always easy dealing with parents, raging hormones, and peer pressure from friends. But I have to say that "M" is doing pretty good. Her grades are excellent, she's committed to figure skating and all that it entails, and is usually pretty respectful of her parents. But like all teenagers she has her "moments".

One of these moments happened saturday morning. "M" had been asked to clean up a room in the barn in preparation for a mothers day/birthday celebration. Her friend was here and "S" (the mom) offered them $20 each for doing the job. They split up the work and got it done, supposedly. "S" went out and inspected the work. Lets just say it was less than satisfactory. "S" came back into the house and the proverbial shit hit the fan. Her biggest issue was the fact that "M" let her friend get away with shoddy work. The tasks that "M" took charge of were done well, her friends tasks, not so much. "S" wanted "M" to learn that she needs to take responsibility for the WHOLE job.

So... after things calmed down a bit, "M" and I had a really good conversation. I talked to her about trying to see things the way her mom does. We talked about how that even though she was upset as well, that if she takes a step back and LISTENS to her mom, that things can be resolved way faster. A couple of the things that I said were almost word for word "my mom"... I could practically hear her in my head as I said them.

That afternoon I headed home. I could hardly wait to see my mom and talk to her. And to thank her for the valuable lessons that she taught me, even when I wasn't all that grateful. So next time your mother "falls out of your mouth", call her and thank her for the lessons that she imparted for to you.

Love you mom!

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